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  • Multiplication Drills - Spring Themed

    Give to students so they can practice and reinforce multiplication skills and you to assess their knowledge!

    Includes 11 spring themed worksheets:

    • – Worksheets 1 – 9 are centered around one fact each…
      (i.e page 1 covers x1 ; page 2 covers x2 ; page 9 covers x9s)
    • – Worksheets 10 – 11 are fact family worksheets where students will address both multiplication and division problems of one fact (see example below)…
      ___ x 7 = 21
      7 x __ = 21
      21 ÷ 7 = __
      __÷ 3 = 7
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  • FREE

    This is a free downloadable book.
    Please note: This book has no illustrations.

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  • $1.99

    Studying the state of Vermont? Perhaps doing a unit on Ornithology? Check out this Notebooking set designed around the Vermont State Bird!

    What type of pages are contained in this set:
    – A map page (for the state)
    – Scientific classification page
    – A page for students to give details about the bird’s physical description, habitat, diet, life span and reproduction
    – A page where students will do additional map work to show where in the U.S. the bird lives in addition to migration information
    – Coloring page
    – Several pages on which students can use for expository and/or creative writing as well as sections in which students may draw.

    14 pages in all and is designed for different levels / abilities.

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  • $2.50

    Download includes 5 adorable Thanksgiving paper bag puppet templates!

    * Wampanoag Indian girl
    * Wampanoag Indian boy
    * Pilgrim girl
    * Pilgrim boy
    * Turkey

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  • Sale!
    Concentration and memory skills are crucial to learning, so why not reinforce students’ abilities in every way possible!
    Why Memory Games?
    Working memory refers to how we hold on to and work with information stored in short-term memory. Kids use working memory to learn and follow directions.
    There is a total of 64 sets of matching cards in this download.
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  • FREE

    This FREE safety coloring book is designed to help your children and students learn why adults do certain things to help them stay safe!

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  • Wilson Sat Alone

    20 page resource to use along side the book, Wilson Sat Alone Book

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  • Caldecott book activities - A Ball for Daisy

    This Reading / Literacy resource for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades includes critical thinking, narrative and opinion writing and art activities for Chris Rashcka‘s Caldecott winning book, A Ball for Daisy. The book has no words, only pictures, and is a story about love and loss. This product will ask students to get in touch with the story and put words (and pictures) on paper.

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  • Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

    19 page resource to use along side the book, Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

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  • Positive Growth Mindset Poster Set

    Here are 36 positive, growth mindset posters for your classroom. Use several throughout the year, place them throughout your classroom, or use just one a week for a focused growth mindset ‘thought’ for the week. If you use as a thought for the week, you can create a mini-lesson to go along with each by having students write a journal entry about the quote.

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  • $1.99

    No need to laminate, prep or use any color ink…just PRINT and GO!

    Includes 5 student pages:
    * Coloring page
    * Color & Trace page with basic facts
    * Color & Write page for students to complete the name of the president, his birthday and 2 facts about him
    * Color & Write page for students to create a short report
    * Mini-Book for students to complete about the president

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  • Proverbs 1 - Copy Work - Handwriting practice

    Bible Copywork – Proverbs Chapter 1 (Cursive) has been created with three purposes in mind:

    • 1st- To give students an opportunity to practice cursive handwriting
    • 2nd- To allow students to read (and think) about scripture while they are practicing their handwriting
    • 3rd- The resources provides an opportunity for teacher and student(s) to converse about scripture and how to apply to their everyday lives.
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  • $4.99

    This 78 page word meaning resource will provide your students with hours of practice matching Antonyms and Synonyms through fun Winter themed activities. These materials can be used to create engaging centers (with “Go Fish” and “Concentration” games) as well as you can create an interactive, manipulative bulletin boards with the Mitten Match and Hat-in-Scarf Match!

    See more details in description below

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  • $3.00
    Perfect unit for learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.
    • B/W Life Cycle poster
    • Color Life Cycle poster
    • Word Wall Vocabulary
    • Sequencing cards
    • Life Cycle Worksheet (Cut-n-paste)
    • Life Cycle Vocabulary matching
    • Life Cycle Drawing
    • Life Cycle Shape Book activity
    • (Bonus Coloring page AND Pumpkin Seeds for counting)
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  • $1.50

    A fun craft to create a ‘wearable‘ bow or neck ties!

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  • $2.50

    Since 1836, children have been delighted by these volumes filled with exotic adventures, exciting stories, beautiful poems, and funny fables. The Third Eclectic Reader includes “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Wind and the Sun,” and “We Are Seven.”

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