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  • Argentina Country Study | Notebooking Unit

    This is a notebooking country study resource with a focus on the 5 Themes of Geography. There are a lot of country studies but this one is different!

    This study will ask students to ‘think like a geographer‘ in their research and recording. By the end of the study, students will have learned about the country, their knowledge of the 5 themes will have been reinforced and they will have created a wonderful project displaying their learning. (18 pages)


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  • $2.00

    This resource, Continents – World Geography Nomenclature Cards, will help your students learn the shape of each of the seven continents!

    Includes 2 sets:
    – Color set for a Social Studies / Geography Center or for use on an interactive bulletin board
    – B/W set to give each student there own ‘flash’ nomenclature cards

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  • $1.50

    Students will learn about the writer, inventor and statesmen, Benjamin Franklin in this informational text article. After reading, students’ reading comprehension and understanding will be assessed with 2 worksheets (multiple choice and short answer).


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  • $2.00

    Quick reference for each state’s abbreviation, flower, bird, capital, animal & date of statehood! Please note: DO NOT PURCHASE this resource if you have already purchased 50 U.S. States | Interactive Social Studies as it is included!

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  • $3.50

    In geography, students should learn the five themes of geography. Learning these themes will help students begin to think like geographers…organizing space (i.e. ‘the world’) in much the same way as historians organize time. This resource will teach students the five themes plus gives them the opportunity to practice using them!

    – 4.5 pages of informational text explaining the themes in detail
    – A notebooking template and explanation strips for students to use as a study aid
    – An activity that can be used again and again so students can put into practice what they have learned

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  • $9.99

    This unit is perfect for any study of the American Revolution!

    Designed for 4th-6th Grades.

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