Complete unit of the American Revolution (Revised)


This unit is perfect for any study of the American Revolution!

Designed for 4th-6th Grades.

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  • – Unit Vocabulary and Word Wall Cards
  • – Notebooking / Report pages
  • – Handouts: Overview of Colonization & Overview of the American Revolution
  • – Worksheets: What Came First?, The Regions of Colonial America, Characteristics of the Colonies, Roles of Colonial Life, Comparing Venn Diagram, American Revolution Cause & Effect, Major Battles of the American Revolution, Who Am I?
  • – Reading Comprehension: Causes of the American Revolution, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence, Colonial Leaders of the American Revolution, British Leaders of the American Revolution, American Victories of the Revolutionary War, Independence from Great Britain, The Treaty of Paris, Articles of Confederation, Women of the American Revolution
  • – People of the American Revolution Crossword Puzzle
  • – Flash Cards: Revolutionary Figures, Other Historical Figures
  • – American Revolution Photos and Maps
  • – Photos of American Revolutionary Uniforms
  • – Complete Lapbook project
  • – Answer Keys!


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