Daily Math Skills Review | Middle School Edition Volume 2


One complete semester of work (90 days). Each day, students will be given 3 questions and designed to review a multitude of middle school math skills.
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Volume 2 will have students review skills such as:
Consumer Math – Money math (word problems), working with percentages, taxes and discounts, estimating
Integers – Comparing and ordering, inequalities and absolute values, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
Fractions and Decimals – Understanding, reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, converting, comparing
Rational numbers – Adding, subtracting and comparing
Exponents– Evaluating (positive and negative exponents)
Square Roots – Evaluating, perfects squares and estimation
Percent – Comparing, estimating and solving word problems
Units of Measurements – Compare and convert / customary and metric
Coordinate Plane – Understanding and identification
Expressions and properties – Writing variable expressions, evaluate single variable, understand and identify terms, add and subtract like terms
Inequalities – Evaluate and solve
Geometry – Perimeter, Surface area, Angles and more

Answer Keys provided

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