The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses | Caldecott Guided Reading and ActivitiesThe Girl Who Loved Wild Horses | Caldecott Guided Reading and Activities

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses | Caldecott Guided Reading and Activities


This Reading / Literacy resource offers guided reading questions, student journal responses and other activities that will help students enjoy and appreciate the book and illustrations of The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, written and illustrated by Paul Goble (Caldecott winner 1979) . During this unit, students will be asked to give opinions, answer factual questions about the story, use critical thinking skills and be creative!

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About the story: The story focuses on a young Native American girl who has a deep affinity for wild horses. She cares for the horses that her tribe relies on for the nomadic hunting of buffalo. One day, the herd stampedes due to a thunderstorm, while the girl is among them. She climbs onto the back of one of the horses, and is carried far away from their usual grazing grounds. The next day, the girl awakes to see a beautiful spotted stallion who identifies himself as the leader of all the wild horses, and welcomes her to live with them. Meanwhile, the girl’s tribe searches for her. About one year later, two hunters spot the girl riding with the horses, but she is driven away with the rest of the herd. The hunters return to the tribe with this news, and riders are sent in pursuit. The stallion defends the girl, but she is caught when her horse stumbles. The girl returns home, but is sad to leave the horses. She falls ill with no sign of improvement. The girl asks if she can return, and her parents honor her wish to live among the wild horses again. Each year, she would return to her parents with the gift of a colt. Then one year, she does not return. When the hunters see the wild horses again, they see a mare riding alongside the stallion. They believe this horse to be the girl transformed, which brings the tribe great pride to know they have one of their own riding among them.

For the Teacher:

  • Suggested Pre-Reading, About the Cover, After Reading and About the Art work questions are provided. These should be teacher directed.
    Guided reading is ‘small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency‘. The small group model allows students to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs, accelerating their progress. Questions have been designed to help assess students in a variety of ELA skills (see those chosen).

For the Students:

  • Worksheet for students to answer questions from the story
  • Worksheets to produce questions both while reading and after reading
  • 3 art responses
  • Poster of horse and worksheet (label the parts)
  • Teepee shape book – Suggested uses: Use to create a book report or summary of the story; Use to record and define unfamiliar vocabulary; use to create a poem inspired by the book.

Level: 670L



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