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  • Christmas - December - Holiday Stationary Writing Paper

    20 fun Christmas themed writing pages for holiday or December projects, notebooks and student publishing projects! Imagine the possibilities:
    Letter writing
    Story and poetry writing
    Holiday themed notebooking projects
    Holiday themed spelling and vocabulary work
    ….and so much more!

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  • $3.00
    This December Language Arts & Math Activities for Kindergarten – 1st Grade resource is filled with ENGAGING and FUN resources that get kids excited about learning…and you’ll receive a FULL MONTH of Christmas-themed pages to use…as morning work, in your centers, during class or to send home as homework!
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  • Hanukkah

    Students will learn all about Hanukkah as they create lasting projects they will cherish using this resource!


    • Reference information for students begin their learning journey
    • Create-a-book project for each student to complete
    • Research writing project – Notebooking section
    • Dreidel template with directions on how to play the game.
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  • Groundhog Day Unit - Worksheets

    Celebrate Groundhog Day this February and help student practice important Language Arts and Math skills while learning fun facts about these little mammals also know as the woodchuck! Students will practice handwriting skills, syllable work, critical thinking, sentence writing, predicting and graphing and learn the parts of groundhog and fun facts such as groundhogs are also known as woodchucks, how long they live, where they live (habitat), what they eat and more!

    Read the below description for more information on this Groundhog Day resource or see a preview here!

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  • $3.00

    This Presidents Day Unit has been designed for PreK – Kindergarten and includes student pages with multiple activities appropriate to use in literacy centers as well as math centers. Students will be asked to trace, cut, paste, match, color, count and more!

    See description below for further details.

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  • $1.25

    This informational article will explain to students about the Cinco de Mayo holiday, when it is, why it is celebrated and who (where) it is observed. After reading, students will be asked several questions to assess reading comprehension and two short essay questions. These essay questions are designed to prompt creative writing.

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  • $2.25
    Spanish – English Christmas Vocabulary Mini-Book is for your classroom this holiday season if you are studying Spanish or just wanting to add a little foreign language study in December. May also be used in ESL classes!
    Students will use these pages to create a 16 page mini-book containing 14 Christmas – related words. There is a page for every one and every word is in both Spanish and English. Students will also have a representative picture to color on every page as well.
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  • groundhog day word search

    Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity! So this February, engage students in some brain exercises using these Groundhog Day puzzles!

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  • Groundhog Day - february - reader - vocabulary - activities

    Students will create their own 11 page reader using this fun resource and you’ll be assigning a fun, engaging activity! Use on Groundhog Day or any time you’d like to teach about the festivities surrounding a woodchuck named Punxsutawney Phil. This resource includes vocabulary in the reader and 3 worksheets that go along with the reader. Worksheets will assess student comprehension and asks students to make predictions. There is also a group prediction worksheet.

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  • $4.99

    This 47 page resource, Thanksgiving Notebooking and More, will provide a month full of learning for your classroom. See product description below for more details!

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