Abraham Lincoln Shape Book


I’ve created this shape book of Lincoln to be versatile and is perfect for any type of student-created writings about the 16th President of the United States!

(See description below for details)

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  • – Some pages have personal questions for students to answer such as “When was Abraham Lincoln born?” ” Where was he born?” “Who were his parents?” Other pages have questions (and fill in the blanks) about his presidency such as “Lincoln was the 1st president of the _______________ party.” “What war was fought during Lincoln’s presidency?” “What act (proclamation) was Lincoln best known for?”
    ** These pages make this shape book perfect for a History report on Lincoln.
  • – 7 other pages have no questions by are designed for students to use to create their own reports, poems or stories about Lincoln.
  • – There is also one page with only the outlined shape with no questions or lines.


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